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Which gear did you use when you first started recording music?

When I started recording music, I used the Rode NT-1 microphone and a cheap soundcard from M-AUDIO. I also used SONAR as a DAW and a PC to record.

What can you recommend to people who start with low budget?

I’d recommend taking a few online courses or watching YouTube series about your DAW, so that you can really get to know your software. I’d also do the same with plugins. Start with the most important ones: compression, EQ, delay, reverbs, tuning.

Which program do you use for recording and producing your songs?

I currently use Logic. But I’ve had to learn ProTools because it’s the industry standard.

What do you use for filming your videos?

I use Canon DSLR cameras. I started on the t2i, moved on to the t3i, now i use the 5D.

Is there a camera you can recommend to people who start with low budget?

Get on eBay and buy a Canon t2i (they don’t make these anymore so they are cheap). If you’re looking for a new camera, I’d recommend the Canon t4i. They are great cameras and take wonderful video. Or just get an iPhone 5 and use that.

Which program do you use to edit your videos?

Final Cut X.

What is your favorite guitar?

I love Taylor acoustic guitars. As far as electric guitars, I’m a big fan of Gibson. I’m proud to say I have a partnership/sponsorship through both companies! #blessed.

Which advice can you give those who want to start a music channel on YouTube?

Keep in mind that hard work will pay off. If you are starting your own channel, try to get as much content out there as possible – but be smart about it. Make it a regular thing. Pick a day or even two days a week for releasing. Stick to a schedule. Give covers your personal touch, show your personality. Be unique! And try to make the videos interesting, film with good quality. No need to spend a lot on expensive cameras in the beginning, but people do want to see your face and surroundings. (see gear recommendations above)
Also: Don’t worry about the hater comments. That will happen. But listen to critiques from people who give you honest feedback and who make suggestions for you to improve.

What did you study?

I have a degree in Journalism and Human Communication from the University of Northern Colorado.

Are you an independent musician?

Technically, I am an independent musician worldwide (with the exception of Europe). In 2013 I signed my first major label record deal with Sony Music for Germany and the rest of Europe. You can purchase my first album released in fall 2013 here: http://smarturl.it/TWHonestly

Can you follow me on Twitter?

If you’re supportive and tweet me regularly or share my music with your friends and add “@TylerWardMusic” to your tweets, the chance for a follow is coming soon! I love being in touch with you guys on twitter!

Can I send you a personal email?

Feel free to email me here: tyler@tylerwardmusic.com It might take a while to respond but I’m trying my best to get back to you.
Business inquiries and booking questions to management@tylerwardmusic.com

Can I send you a “real life letter”?

Yes! I love to read your letters. After reading I put them up on my fan-wall.
Make sure to add your Twitter account or email address when you send a letter!

Tyler Ward
PO Box 46639
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Do you have an official fanclub?

I do! Besides pages and channels made by amazing people who support me and my music, I’m using PointBurst to be in direct touch with you. I’m able to give away merch or other things to the most active and supportive fans, send personal messages to you and share music videos before the rest of the world is able to watch them. It’s for free! Sign up here: promote.pointburst.com/ward_tyler

I want to keep in touch with you. Which platforms do you use regularly?

I’d love for you to subscribe and follow me here:

Main channel: youtube.com/TylerWardMusic
My 2nd Channel: youtube.com/TylerWardTV
Facebook: facebook.com/TylerWardMusic
Twitter: twitter.com/TylerWardMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/TylerWardMusic
Google+: google.com/+TylerWardMusic

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