There's something uniquely special about the people who are supporting me these days. Gosh. I can't put my finger on it…but y'all have me falling in love with this newly reformed, "Tyler Ward Family" – It's crazy. It's wonderful. Beyond what I could have imagined. Because the truth is, it's not really about me or any sort of success, it's just somehow become this ridiculously safe place where honesty and finding out what truly matters seems to be the priority. You guys are amazing. I can feel you. Seriously. These shows, the Yellow Boxes tour, the support, this journey, has been absolutely insane and wonderful. You've helped me rediscover purpose and I'm thankful, oh so thankful for those of you who show up. You're loved. Wildly loved.PS. Thank your for the last few sold out US shows. What an incredible surprise! Since I've stopped looking at numbers and sales (due to comparison insecurities), I never know what I'm gonna get. To walk out on stage and see so many smiling faces…Ah, it makes me want to squeeze you so tightly!!! Ahhh….