It's never okay to pressure a woman. We should protect, encourage and love them.


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Dear Valentine… When the person you're attracted to goes through something difficult, it is evidence of his or her humanity if they are sad, stressed or wounded. But what he or she does with that sadness, stress, and wounded-ness makes all the difference in the world…if you're seeking a romantic relationship, be wise and keep things in the "friend zone" until you have seen how they handle the stress of a broken and fallen world…How does she respond to betrayal, drama in the family, to arguments between friends? How does he behave when he is sick, frustrated or tired? You can look for evidence of someone's "commitment ability" by observing how he or she handles times of stress, hardship or brokenness. In other words, don't jump in too quickly. Take your time and guard your heart. Time is on your side.Paraphrased from Matt Chandler's "The Mingling of Souls" With that,happy Valentine's Day!

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