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Tyler's Instagram Feed

Well friends, the Yellow Boxes Tour is over!!! Wowzers. What an experience!!! For those who came out, thank you. You'll never know what it means. Some flew thousands of miles, some drove 10+ hours, some joined me for almost every show!!! I'm seriously blown away by the support. I mean…you have lives, you're busy, and you still made time to come and hang with me. It's wild. I'm so thankful. Secondly, this tour has changed everything. For the first time in my life I feel confident enough to get on a stage by myself, in any situation, and just share what's on my heart. I don't need to fake or perform my way through the set anymore. Your encouragement and response over the last several months has given me the confidence to do so. Thank you for that. Lastly, all that time spent driving and reflecting helped me gain new perspective. Instead of running/hiding from the discomfort of the road with vices or distraction, I was able to face several truths that I had been seriously avoiding… 1) It's so much better to focus on what you do have then on what you don't have.2) As cheesy as it sounds, there is no need to try and be something you're not. There is no need to fear being the person you were created to be. That fear restricts us. And the fear of what others think keeps us living in other people's minds – constantly seeking their approval. I was fearful, but thanks to this tour, a good majority of that fear has been removed. So yeah, that's pretty rad. 3) A package of wet wipes are still your best bet when you don't have access to a shower. There are still many things I want to share about the Yellow Boxes tour. But that's all I can conjure up at the moment because I've got to go and watch The Hunger Games now. Thanks for everything, y'all! Seriously. Now, Enjoy the rest of your day/night! Oh, and Boston and St. Louis, I'll see you in December!